Animal Farm Why Does Napoleon Stay In Charge

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Animal Farm: How Does Napoleon Stay in charge? Power is used in multiple different ways, in this case it was not used in a positive way. Animals on Animal Farm had wanted to be free from their owner, farmer Jones. The pig, Napoleon, comes to power as a dictator since the pigs are more intellectual than the other animals. Napoleon stayed in power by using the methods of Animalism, Fear, and Propaganda. These three reasons are why animals were too scared to overthrow him and to be free from his rule. One example of how Napoleon stays in charge is Animalism. Animalism was meant to be set in place keeping any animal from having more power than the others. Napoleon uses this to his advantage by having a basic first set of commandments which is “reduced to… ‘Four legs good, two legs bad.’ This, he said, contained the essential principle of Animalism.”. Throughout the book the commandments are changed to fit the pigs lifestyle. Animalism was supposed to be used to keep one animal from having more, or less power than the others. One of the commandments states that “5. No animal shall drink alcohol.”. Shortly after this was passed, the pigs began to use barley to make alcohol and they had gotten drunk for the first time, resulting in Squealer having to change the…show more content…
Snowball was run out of the farm and made seem a horrible and untrustworthy leader to make Napoleon seem better and more “on top”. At times, Napoleon even gave himself more superior titles like “our Leader, Comrade Napoleon, Father of all Animals, Terror of Mankind, Protector of the Sheep-fold, Ducklings’ Friend, and the like…. It had become usual to give Napoleon the credit for every successful achievement and every stroke of good fortune.”. Napoleon made every good thing that happened his fault but any mistake, or bad thing that happened, was at the fault of Snowball, although he was run off of the
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