Animal Farm Why Does Napoleon Stay In Power Essay

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How Does Napoleon Stay In Power? Like the Russians wanted to overthrow Stalin, the animals wanted to overthrow Jones. In the book Animal Farm, Napoleon the pig wanted to gain power over the farm he lived on, Manor Farm. But, the farm was controlled by the malicious Mr. Jones. So to gain control, he and his fellow animals overthrew him and his farm. Once Napoleon was in control, he made some changes. He changed the rules to better suit the pigs and he appointed himself as the farm’s leader. But what methods does he use to remain in control? He uses propaganda, fear, and the principles of the animal’s ideology animalism to remain in control. One way Napoleon remains in control is through means of Animalism. In the book, one of the commandments was “four legs good, two legs…show more content…
“But...the dogs sitting round Napoleon let out deep, menacing growls, and the pigs fell silent and sat down again.” This phrase describes Napoleon’s dogs after they chased Snowball off the farm. He used the dogs to scare the other animals into doing what he told them without hesitation. This is just one of the ways he uses fear to stay in control. Napoleon also uses propaganda to remain in power. “‘...Bravery isn’t enough’, said Squealer, ‘Loyalty and obedience are more important, and as of the Battle of Cowshed, I believe the time will come when we shall find his part in it much exaggerated.’” This quote describes how Napoleon uses his position to change the opinions of the animals by belittling Snowball. Another way he uses propaganda to stay in control is when he makes up various medals and awards and gives himself all of them. Although the animals view Napoleon as their savior, he is a ruthless ruler. He uses propaganda, fear, and the principles of Animalism to keep a tight grip on the farm. He uses propaganda to influence the animal’s opinions. He uses fear to control them. He also uses Animalism to better suit he and the

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