Animal Hunting Research Paper

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Cecil the lion was a beloved and iconic figure in Africa, but when he was illegally killed by a big game hunter, it flared up the argument of whether or not hunting helps or hurts the environment. Hunting helps keep the population of animals in control, removes predatory animals that are attacking villagers and livestock, and gives money earned from hunters and the permits required and uses it for conservation efforts. Hunting helps cull back animals that are overpopulating local areas or animals are old and need culled out of the herd. “In the UK we spend [pounds sterling]480 million annually on agri-environment schemes yet in the past 50 years alone, 60 per cent of 3,148 species studied in Britain have declined, one third of them seriously.”(Young) The numbers presented show that agri-environment schemes don 't work, and other solutions need to be enacted to help fight overpopulation. “Unpalatable as it may be to sentimentalists, the only places where you will find thriving populations of lapwings and other ground-nesting birds, such as curlews and grey partridges, are on estates with diligent gamekeepers who control our flourishing hordes of…show more content…
People that are against hunting may not think there are good reasons to hunt “Would they condemn his killing or that of the leopard of Rudraprayag, shot by Jim Corbett in 1926 after it had eaten 125 souls?”(Young) Young understands where people against hunting are coming from, but still thinks that animals that prey on people need to be taken care of. “What his critics would make of Kirkpatrick, whose head and skin lie by my desk as I type. He 's an Indian leopard, seven foot from head to tail, his face twisted into a sardonic snarl, who took 34 human lives before he met his demise in 1934 with a bullet from the local district commissioner. “ (Young) Animals that are causing that kind of damage are stopped by
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