Animal Influence: Hanna In Gorilla By Michael Morpurgo

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Animal influence

Gorilla by Anthony Browne and Kensuke’s kingdom by Michael Morpurgo are two books that have made huge impact on both readers and critics. Even though they are meant for a completely different audience, they have a lot in common. Especially animals. Animals hugely impact both of the child protagonists in these stories. Hanna in Gorilla, by a gorilla, and Michael in Kensuke’s kingdom, by his dog. What makes the animals so special? What are their roles, and what influence does the animals have considering the transformation of the main character of these stories? During the text I will discuss these questions and the poignant friendship between animal and men.

Firstly I will start of with Gorilla. In gorilla we meet this little girl called Hanna. She seeks out love and attention from her father who is always busy working.
The father is always illustrated in the dark, with faded colors during the story. It’s easy to see that he
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The gorilla in Gorilla transforms a girl who shows no kind of happiness into a girl who is really joyful and satisfied. Something that really hit me by reading this book was Anthony Browne’s illumination over the importance of what a picture tells you combined with text. He also showed me the importance of being a loving and caring father. The role that a gorilla grabs with both hands and finishes with top grade. He also paves the way for the real father to shine in his most important job, his little girl.
Stella Artois in Kensuke’s kingdom isn’t just the one who brings Michael to the Island but also of. Of course with a lot of help by Kensuke, but a lot of Michael’s development happens accompanied by Stella. She is also the one that finds water, the number one ingredient to survive. I also believe that the dog gives Michael hope, because she is the only thing on the island that represents something form before
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