Animal Instinct In The Most Dangerous Game And All Quiet On The Western Front

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A man’s inhumanity is known as ‘animal instinct’ as shown in “The Most Dangerous Game”, “The Sniper” and “All Quiet on the Western Front”. When put into situations they show the side of them that want to survive. In the short story ‘The Most Dangerous Game’, one man is put to his highest test of his “animal instincts”. He was chased and followed on an island. With a man who will hunt him because to him, it's a challenge. To see how far he will go to save his own life. Rainsford is being hunted like an animal, the test is if he fights like an animal. However, his life is put down as a game and he will have to fight to survive. When is in the situation of being hunted he says, "Even so, I rather think they understand one thing—fear. The fear of pain and the fear of death." (1.13) The fear of death haunts him, the same way when an animal is being hunted there is that fear as well. Rainsford knows that it is to be hunted or to hunt. So that is what he did, he fought for what was most valued by him, his life. Overall he killed so he …show more content…

Paul knows that when it comes to the enemy and him, he kills the enemy. There is no time to hesitate or rethink what he is doing. Bottom line is, it's either you or him. However, soldiers on the front don't necessarily think about that. Not knowing when anything is going to happen Paul says, "We lie under the network of arching shells and live in a suspense of uncertainty. If a shot comes, we can duck, that is all; we neither know nor can determine where it will fall." (Ch.6) The soldiers on the front, not only are stripped from their humanity. But are always on guard, men are being killed left and right. All they can do is defend themselves, and that's where a man's inhumanity comes from. They have to kill without any sorrow, it's all about surviving and not many men survive from it

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