Animal Metaphors In The Taming Of The Shrew

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William Shakespeare's play "The taming of the Shrew" is a comedy that presents a complicated relationship between two genders. The events of the play are mainly about two major characters: Katherina and Petruchio. Throughout the play, the first dialogue starts between these two characters, and through it, the reader witnesses a scene full of several elements such as imagery and metaphors. The most predominant element in the dialogue is animal metaphors, and each metaphor holds behind it more than one can expect. Shakespeare uses animal metaphors to illustrate the main theme of the play and to heighten the reader's experience of the play by producing vivid descriptions. One of the most dominative characters in the play is Katherina. She is…show more content…
The metaphors are used to display the contrast and the differences between both Katherina and Petruchio. Petruchio's main goal is to tame Katherina as if she is a wild, aggressive animal, and that is why he refers to her with animal metaphors. When Katherina realizes his intentions of taming her, she reacts harshly and denotes to him by several types of animals. Katherina's shrewish attitude comes out of insecurity. Generally, she is used to be invisible to men, they never gave her attention and no one had proposed to marry her. When Petruchio does, she reacts harshly thinking that he aims to steal her freedom and to inhibit her keen personality. Petruchio keeps provoking Katherina and talks with a reckless tone: "Come, come, you wasp; i'faith, you are too angry"(2.1.205), and then, Katherina replies with an intimidating tone and says: "If I be waspish, best beware my sting."(2.1.206) she threatens Petruchio of her sting, and by sting she may be referring to her intelligence or powerful personality which she considers them as her only weapon and protector in her battle with Petruchio. During the intensive word exchange between Petruchio and Katherina one can notice that Petruchio's treatment is mainly based on Katherina's behaviour. And by mentioning the swap, they make what they said more dramatic and

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