Animal Observation Report: Marine Mammal Center

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I researched Marine Mammal Center. They rehabilitate estranged animals to get their health up and release them back into the water. Since 1975, they have rescued and treated over 18,000 mammals. (according to Marine Mammal Center, 2015) Seventeen sea lions were poisoned on April 27, 2015. They were seen with puffy red eyes. Some of the sea lions had suffered from corneal ulcers. It is believed that someone snuck in the previous night and contaminated the water with chlorine. One of the employees smelled a "strong odor" and that all seventeen sea lions were outside of the pool water. Whoever poured the chlorine in the pool snuck in between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. There has been an unusual amount of sea lion pups washing up on the southern and central

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