How To Stop Animal Abuse

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Animal abuse hurts animals and they suffer through a lot throughout the years during abuse. Imagine that you were locked up in a kennel all day or trapped outside in the cold getting fed slim to none once a day. Imagine that this was you and you were dying more and more every day without any water. In this paper, we are going to be writing about some of the way that as animal gets hurt, some punishments that people should have, and the way that the animals feel during the abuse or the way that they react to animal abuse. That is what dogs go through during animal abuse. Animal abuse should be one of the worst crimes that could happen in the world and it is a horrible thing, there should be stricter punishments for this crime. Some of the ways that these people are charged right should be way worse, I feel that they let people off way to easy. In a news article called STATE by STATE I seen that a man in Athens, Alabama with a mental disorder was…show more content…
Some people may do this because they don’t know that it is causing them harm or hurting them in any way shape or form. Also, they may hurt and abuse themselves so that is the only way that they know to treat others. Researchers in philosophy and criminology found that people that abuse animals don’t stop with animals, they move to humans and abuse children, women and others. Studies have shown that have committed violent and aggressive crimes, most likely abused animals as a child and people who weren’t aggressive didn’t usually commit animal abuse. Psychiatric patients have taken a test that most people that were abusing animals have also abused humans as well. I have not gone over what animal abuse is, it is when someone hurts or doesn’t take care of an animal properly, like if it isn’t being fed or getting any water. Animal cruelty can happen anywhere in the world and anyone will do it, urban or rural, rich or poor, white or
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