Argumentative Essay: Should Animals Have Rights

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Animals Should Have Rights

The issue on animal rights can be approached from a variety of perspectives. Animal rights is the belief that animals have an intrinsic value separate from any value they have to humans, and are worthy or moral consideration (About, 2014). The argument on an animal’s interest isn’t derived from elevating their rights to that equal of humans, nor giving them more rights. The real question is whether or not animals should have interests and to what capacity. Sadly, society continues to take less and less accountability for the pain and suffering we inflict on animals as a whole. I plan to argue that animals are sentient whereby acknowledging their ability to suffer and worthy of moral consideration. The basic premise of rights establishes that members of society are free of undue suffering in its various forms. An animal although not equal to humans should be afforded some level of protection under the same principle. If not, we as a society remain the latter and actively condone
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Furthermore, I’m unwilling to abstain from “all” animal use. I love meat and by submission am just as guilty as the next person who actively supports, condones or engages in the act of causing undue suffering on non-humans. Some claim a necessary first step would be to make it illegal to place a property status on animals. We don’t sell or own human beings, so why should non-humans be the exception? Humans do however in certain instances control other humans. For example, a mother in control of raising her daughter but an example like this is warranted since the child needs to be cared for and looked after. Humans should not own non-humans for the same reason we do not own humans, by any admission that we should constitutes another act of
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