Animal Rights In Norcross's, Pigs, Puppies, And Animals

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Suppose you hear of a case where a human is torturing their dog or cat; you are very displeased and upset by this because you too have a dog and/or cat that you love dearly. You question how someone can torture such sweet innocent animals. Now take a minute and think if you would be just as upset to hear of a chicken or a pig treated in this cruel way. Would it bother you as much to learn of a pig being torched from birth or to hear of a puppy being torched from birth? Most people would say it bothers them more to hear of a puppy being torched than to hear of a pig being torched; but why is this? I had never really thought much about animal rights before. But after reading “Puppies, Pigs, and People” by Norcross, I now look at the way we get factory processed meat differently. People need to be more informed of where the meat they are buying and consuming is coming from.…show more content…
I would just go to the local supermarket pick the meat that was the best deal. I did not think twice about looking at the label to see what company had produced it. I thought all meats were the same; just get the one that is giving you the most for your money or the cheapest. The reason I had never thought much about it was because no one had really ever asked me to think about it. It is not something that they teach in public high schools they are too busy trying to cram information in our brains that we will never need to know. The topic of factory processed meats is a very controversial topic. Is eating meat wrong? No, I have never thought eating meat was wrong; I just now think that we need to be more informed on where the meat we are consuming is coming from. It is our responsibility to be aware of what companies are treating their animals in a morally correct way and which companies are not so that we are knowledgeable when we go shopping at the grocery
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