Animal Rights Persuasive Speech

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MSAW not again!

We might have failed this time, but we will never let them down. We cannot give up on them. It's our duty and responsibility to fight for their rights.
We will continue to be their voice.
We say NO to cruelty and I say NO to cruelty to ALL sentient beings.

I believe it can be done SLOWLY BUT SURELY! We need to work together to prevent those things from happening again. What happened is a shame and in order to stop it, we need you, your help. Do your part in one of those ways:

(i) Spay and neuter your animals
Sterilization is important to prevent & control animal overpopulation. Yes we want MASS STERILIZATION PROGRAMMES! But please make the necessary when it will be done in your region, if not, go to a recognized institution
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(viii) Respect life, all life.
Equality should be for all. You want equality for dogs and cats? Don’t you think it’s high time to want equal rights for all non human animals?

(ix) Sponsoring
Great and honest persons are saving many animals everyday. Motivate these people by showing them you care, by sponsoring you give them the necessary funding to save more animals. Sponsor the vet or transport fees if you have the money but not the time.

(x) Stop discriminating other animals
Educate yourselves on veganism, animal cruelty and exploitation and meat industry.
Animal cruelty doesn't concern just your dogs and cats. But is present in factory farming, horse racing, clothing and entertainment industry. Cows! Pigs! Ducks! Hens! Fish! And all other animals we exploit and kill for food/clothing/science also want to LIVE! They also want to be free from pain and be protected! If you truly care, consider a cruelty-free lifestyle. Choose compassion and get animal off your plates!


Sign & share the petitions:

-Support Animal Welfare Together - Together We Can by sending evidences that MSAW is crap! (Not doing their job as they

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