Informative Speech On 15 Animal Superheroes

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15 animal superheroes you would absolutely become fans of
There is no doubt that most of us are big fans of superheroes and superhero movies. There would be hardly anyone who wouldn’t want to see their superheroes saving lives on the big screen and making the bad guys pay for their evil deeds.
However, what if you were to meet some superheroes for real? Yes, you heard it right! What if I told you that most of these superhero type powerful beings are not even humans?
That would be a double whammy for the most of us however it is true. I am about to introduce you to such 15 animals who are not any less than our average superhero characters.
In fact, they do pretty much fit the role of playing a major role in one of the next major superhero movie,
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Roadrunners can cry away their cholesterol. You heard it right; they can actually get rid of all the excess salt in their body by simply shedding some tears.
11. Hippopotamus create their own moisturizer cum sunscreen cum antibiotic that also acts as the sweat and hence the coolant for their huge body.
12. Raccoons are the real life bandits of animal kingdom, with their nimble little hands they can get away with nickels out of your front pocket in no time.
13. Opossums are invulnerable to poison - It is because of the peptide that their body is able to generate or create which helps in neutralizing any venom. No wonder why, you would find them eating snakes all the time.
14. Dolphins and Whales never end up being on the wrong side of their bed as they literally never fully sleep. At all times, half of their brain stays active and alert so as to keep an eye on any danger that could be lurking around them.
15. Ants invented power naps long before we had even started speaking as humans – Amazing, right! In fact ants never really sleep, all that they do is take many tine naps throughout the day and considering that their days are long with all that hard work they do, these tiny naps may very well be running into hundreds per
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