Animal Testing Argument

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Stop The Suffer: Find a Solution The estimated number of animals used in experiments worldwide in 2005 was 115.3 million, according to Cynthia Burnett (2009). Since that time and even before, animal testing became such a controversial issue. People continuously argue about important questions that concern its actual effectiveness, morality, and legality. Animal testing refers to the procedure of testing medicines and industry products on living animals to acquire knowledge with practical benefits for people and evaluate the products’ safety and usefulness. Some people support animal testing because it helped in finding life-saving cures for several diseases, animals themselves benefited from the results of these experiments, and the governments …show more content…

First of all, it is important to understand that along with the question of utility of animal experiments, there is a question of morality. From their point of view, the use of animals in experiments is immoral and inhumane since the results are meant to benefit human beings for the most part. Also, some experiments are harmful and painful for the animals involved. For example, burning, cutting animals’ tails and ears off, poisoning, testing chemicals on them, and other severe practices are done in laboratories, as mentioned in Marinescu and Coman’s article (2010). Additionally, researchers in a lab at the University of Connecticut were drilling holes in monkeys’ heads as a part of their experiment. As a result of their cruel action the lab ended up being closed (Ericson, 2014). Moreover, there are insignificant similarities between humans and animals that make them poor testing subjects. It is imperative to note that human beings react differently to drugs as compared to animals; therefore, if the use of animals in experiments persists, they may not derive the most desirable outcome (Webster, 2014). Despite the fact that mammals and humans have some similarities in the body structure, they react differently to some medicines. For example, guinea pigs die after consuming Penicillin and cats die from Aspirin (Burnett, 2009). In the end, the success of a certain experiment depends mainly on …show more content…

Based on a study published by Forensic Science International journal, it is clearly revealed that researchers who are experimenting try to minimize animal suffering whenever it is possible. In fact, 60.8% of animal experiments were using anesthetic to reduce the pain involved (Cattaneo, Maderna, Rendinelli, & Gibelli, 2015). Furthermore, animal experiments have been valuable to human beings owing to discoveries that have assisted cure diseases. For this reason, the author Shany Sun (2012), who is in favor of animal testing notifies that human life increase by 23.5 years after using animals in experiments, as stated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This is another fact that people who are against animal testing agree on. In a research that suggests a control over torture in experiments, the authors indicate that “[a]nimal testing was, is, and will be an important stage for the medical and biological research” (Marinescu & Coman, 2010, p.

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