Animal Testing By Frankie L. Trull

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Discursive Essay (1st Draft) – Kevin Cho I have detested animal testing ever since I watched a document showing orangutan tortured to death during the animal testing. I was physically and mentally sick when I looked into its eyes. Now, while you are reading this essay, perhaps holding a scrumptious apple pie in your hand, hundreds of, thousands of feeble animals are dying by inhumane animal tests. The essay, 'Animal testing and its gifts to humans' by Frankie L. Trull is filled with untrue facts and incorrect ideas, which I have responded to in this essay. Torturing millions of animals to death just for human: Is this the right thing to do? Frankie L. Trull says in 2014, France and Germany succeed tin regenerating damaged brain areas in mice for the first time. Some scientists and people, including Trull believe that this result could lead to treatments for damage to the human brain caused by everything from strokes to bullet wounds. It is definitely helpful if it leads to treatments for human brain and save millions of people, but the thing is they…show more content…
They assert that it is the best way to save a lot of people's lives by using relatively small numbers of animals. Trull says that the success of animal testing has led to safe treatments for human. Admittedly, this is certainly true about some animal testing. However, in the USA, more than 100,000 people died due to the drugs that were successfully passed by animal testing. This fact shows that even though the drugs have been developed and tested successfully on animals, they are not 100 percent safe. So the argument for animal tests dissolves. Furthermore, apparently the USA wastes more than 16 billion US dollars annually on animal testing. 16 billion dollars! If they invested this money on other projects such as welfare, this would save a lot of people without torturing
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