Animal Testing Case Study Jaqueline

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• Jaqueline provides a Lush protest to stop animal testing.
• Onlookers were worried and surprised of what Jaqueline was putting herself through at the protest.
• Force feeding, stretching the mouth wide open and tugging the fur backwards are just some actions that take place on an animal.
• The first photo shows the pain being held on Jaqueline. She struggles from the pain and cannot tell how much pain she is in as she is clamped from the mouth.
• The second photo shows the signs from cosmetics being dropped into Jacqueline’s eyes.
• The third photo shows onlookers of their reactions from the scene of Jacqueline. From the photo it shows how shocked and confused they are.
• The difference between an animal and human is when conducting on an experiment, Jaqueline got to go home after a day full of pain; however the animal is treated the same way but does not get to go home.
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Electrodes are attached also.
• The fifth photo shows how chunks of fur are shaved off to the scientist’s desire.
• Jaqueline offers to do a re-enactment on herself.
• Jaqueline had a spray put onto her eyes, where she felt them burning. Also an injection she resisted made her bleed.
• Oliver Cronk, an artist dressed up as an experimenter to “experiment” on Jacqueline.
• The last photo showed realism of Jacqueline being forced to drink. Another photo contained a mimic of materials used in animal

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