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So where do they get these animals? Dogs and cats may be purchased from dog pounds or puppy mills. They may be caught in the wild or animals from an overpopulated zoo. Some species were driven to near extinction. Trapping wild monkeys in India diminished entire populations of them. Transport of monkeys is harsh, They are shoved into tiny crates and shipped without food or water many times. After being bought the animal will be moved in to cells and await the testing. They are out in isolation in tiny cages with no contact with other animals.Some of these animals self harm themselves and chew on their limbs.They don’t allow vets to treat them because it could get in the way of the animal testing. Animals are handled roughly in to submission.…show more content…
It includes such things as breeding then separating or even not feeding or watering them. Other forms of testing, such as toxicity testing, animals are used in toxic studies receive the test substance everyday, weekly, for up to two years with no period to recover. Euthanasia, anesthetization, and intubation, are all test that are used commonly. When performed wrong, they can cause bad discomfort and injuries. In many cases the people in the lab many times lack experience and training they need to avoid animal suffering. Some animal testing uses restraining devices to keep the animals from moving. Experimenters at a few major United States colleges have all done stress experiments on rats and mice. These experiments included immobilizing mice and rats, shocking their feet, hanging them by their tails, and even forcing them to avoid drowning. Researchers claimed these test were relevant to human anxiety depression. Restraint is particularly stressful and frustrating for an animal, many tests are designed to hold animals in an immobilized state for months at a time. Testing of transplanting cells, tissues, or organs from one species into another species and genetic engineering also make a great amount of suffering and death for animals. Genetic engineering

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