Animal Testing In Medical Research Essay

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The care of animals should have an important chapter in the future of bioethics. Scientists and researchers believe that non-human animal tests in biomedical research have many benefits on different applications, mainly for medical developments such as vaccines and the investigation of the cure of diseases, and in many cases, there have certainly been essential advancements for the society through animal studies. However, there has been some controversy regarding medical developments and the ethical implications of it, since the way it is carried out can be considered cruel and harmful towards animals. This fact goes against human morals and causes terrible suffering to beings that have the ability to feel pain and stress. Even though animal…show more content…
To a large extent, thanks to animal research, scientists have discovered ways to heal diseases and prolong human life. For example, in 1902 was given a award for the discovery of the life cycle of malaria working with pigeons and in 1905 was discovered the pathogenesis of tuberculosis with the use of cows and sheep while the research on dogs and cats has provided a wealth of information on the cardiovascular system and a better comprehension of the brain, leading to a Nobel Prize in 1990 (Paul, 2002). Animal Experimentation has also been significant in understanding the differences and similarities between the physiological systems of humans and those of various animal species. Moreover, the same author states the memorable use of mice led to the development of the vaccine that eradicated polio. Animal testing also played a part in the comprehension of the immune system detecting cells infected with viruses, likewise using mice in experiment leads to understanding penicillin’s role in fighting bacterial infections, as a result of this contribution the Noble Prize in 1945 was obtained. Paul (2002), also mention the contribution of cats that led to comprehend the nerve transmitter function winning a prize in 1970 and how the brain storage visual information and organize itself to coordinate internal organs in the body, the last example is the use of monkeys, in 1952 led to
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