Animal Testing In Society

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According to the article, “About us” on, only 0.2% of all animals in the world are used for both scientific and commercial animal testing. Animal testing is the process of experiments being done on non-human animals, and this process is performed to ensure the safety of cosmetics, drugs, and food additives. Humans only use animal testing when there is no other available options, and animal testing is practiced on endless amounts of products that are very essential in our lives today (Murnaghan). Scientists have developed great deals of vaccine and medicine, as a result, human kids, toddlers, and the elderly’s precious lives have been saved from death. Animal testing is a controversial topic in society, and while supporters…show more content…
While some may state that animal testing is abominable, there are far more reasons why animal testing is a necessary practice. Some reasons why animal testing is very important is that it increased the average human lifespan by 30 years, and it increased the mortality rate by cutting down from 5.5% of deaths per live birth to 0.5%. Additionally, animal testing helped many animals from diseases like anthrax and rabies, and also saved large numbers of animals from extinction. However, some people believe that animal testing should be taken away and replaced with other experiments instead. On the other hand, animal testing is required to be performed on cosmetics to ensure the safety of humans. The safety of humans should be prioritized over the lives of the primates. In addition, the animals used for animal testing are similar to humans, so the test results are credible. Animals being harmed is very depressing and bitter, but people should keep in mind that there will always be more diseases that will lead to humans suffering and
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