Animal Testing Is Necessary

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If we didn 't have animal tests people wouldn 't know if their animal had a disease. We have to test the animals almost every month to see if the animal does not have a disease. All mammals have the same internal organs. Koala bears would of went extinct many years ago by rampant disease. Animal testing is necessary if we want to make timely medical progress .

It is true that animal testing is painful, but they are not hideous monsters. Most scientist do not like to do animal testing, they are attached to them. Many people oppose because animal testing is bad. They are tortured during animal testing. Animals might receive the necessities.

The only way to know if the product works is to test on another human being. Outlawing animal testing will cause people to die. Life saving drugs weren 't never able to reach the market. Vaccines for diseases are tested on animals. Testing it on animals is quicker than testing on a human.
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Researching the effects of cancer hereditary diseases may be impossible. Using on the humans it would of took over 200 years. The mice would of only took 10 or less years. Humans are not the only ones that benefit from animal testing. Most diseases can be helped or cured.

The methods of testing are unethical or give suspect at best. People did not name their kid to keep from being attached. They did that because he / she could of died of a whooping cough. Animal testing saves more lives than it harms. People should get animal
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