Animal Testing Is Unethical

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"The question is not, 'Can they reason? ' nor, 'Can they talk? ' but rather, 'Can they suffer? '". (Bentham) This quote by Jeremy Bentham perfectly illustrates the cruel nature of animal testing. The testing of animals has become more and more prevalent in the world of medicine and cosmetics. Scientists use animals to test out new medicines and cosmetics by injecting them with a needle or applying the product on the animal so they can study the side effects. Every year over 100 million animals are killed due to animal experimentation. Dogs, cats, and monkeys are just some of the animals subjected to drug, chemical, food, and cosmetics testing every day. (People) Some people think that this treatment is a necessary evil, but there are alternatives to lethally injecting monkeys. Animals can suffer too, and we shouldn 't act ignorant to their pain. Animal testing is unethical and should be illegal because their lives are just as valuable as ours, test results are inaccurate, and alternative methods exist to prevent animal suffering. What makes animals so different from humans that we find it justifiable to hurt them? There are a lot of things that separate humans from other creatures on the Earth. The biggest difference is intelligence. Humans have been rulers of the planet for thousands of years because of our ability to work together and build societies. Many people believe that our intelligence alone is enough to justify hurting or killing animals for potential
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