Animal Testing On Cosmetic Products Should Be Banned

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nimal testing on cosmetic products should be banned

GCPS 1005. Section 1
Section Instructor’s Name: Jessie

Specific purpose: To persuade the audience with three reasons that animal testing on cosmestic products should be banned


(attention getter) Anyone sitting here have used the cosmetic products before? (relate to audience) I guess no girls haven’t tried the cosmestic products before.Actually, more and more boys use cosmestic products now. But do you know how’s the cosmestic products are made?
(background) One day, I watched the apple daily news. The video was impressed me a lot. The pictures are so crucial. After that I change my preference of using
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Animals testing on cosmetic products is unethical

A. Animals testing is cruel to animals
1. Unethical scientists hurt animals physically
a. For example, they put the cosmetic and medicines into the rabbit’s eyes, which make their eyes fester, swell, pain and death are generally the end results
b. The experimenter take out dog’s vocal chords so that they don’t disturb their testing
c. The experimenters will use the animals again for further testing until they die, these nightmare to them will repeat and repeat

2. Unethical scientists hurt animals mentally
a. Animals and human are similar in many ways. They both can think and feel pain. Their reactions to pain are identical as human, like screaming. If human face the maltreatment, we feel sad, animals do.

b. Some research find that animals afraid of the repeating experiments and even tears all the time. However, human always ignore their feeling.

B. Animals' rights are ignored
1. Animals have no option
a. Animals are compelled to be tested and often painful or cause invariable damage or death, and they are never given the choice of not participating in the research

2. Human are deprived of the animals’ freedom of
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Animals testing on cosmetic product is unnecessary

1. Alternatives are available
a. Cosmetic companies can seek better means to test their products instead of using the animal’s skin, like the artificial skin and synthetic cellular tissue that closely resembles human skin

b. To develop the new products, The Body Shop choose to use natural ingredients, like some plants and fruits, as well as others with a long history that safe for human use is recommended instead of animal testing

2. It is unnecessary to hurt animals for the sake of the beauty
a. The cosmestic products are not necesscity. Without the cosmestic products, we still can live. If we continue to do animals testing, the more animals will die.

b. Beauty is not only talking about the appearance, but also your heart. If you hurt the animals, even your apperance is good, you are not beautiful. CONCLUSION

(simple summary)

(call to action) I. Many alternatives can replace the cruel animal testing. It is no longer to do toxicity testing by depriving the life of animal and prove that animals testing is unnecessary

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