Animal Testing Persuasive Essay

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The fact that there are beings totally capable of feeling pain and appreciating that their lives are going to end is absolutely beyond dispute for any reasonable person. They are innocent, they are suffering. I am speaking, of course, of the 20,000 human beings who die from cancer each day. The only way to make new medicines and effective treatments for them, unfortunately, is to test them on animals. Animal research and testing is necessary to develop new medicines, treatments, and therapies for millions of diseases and illnesses. Even though some people argument that it is not necessary, without animal testing thousands of millions of people would now be dead. Thanks to animal research we know about the effects of certain medicines in the human body, thanks to animal testing we have discovered the cure for diseases that killed people and made them and their families suffer. Animals also benefit from the testing since most human diseases also affect animals; some of the medicines and surgical procedures are used on animals to save their lives. Animal testing has benefitted many of the medical advances we take for granted nowadays. All of us have been benefited by it at some point of our lives, with medicines, vaccines, anesthetic or antibiotics. Recently, more people are surviving cancer than ever before (Adams). The cancer survival rate has doubled in the last 40 years, even better is the fact that more than half of all patients will now survive for at least ten

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