Animal Testing Persuasive Speech Analysis

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The recent article on Animal Testing in the US and throughout the world appalled me because although I was aware of animal testing, it felt even more relevant to me now because of the age that I am, and the interest/fascination that we, as teenagers have with makeup. I therefore chose to write a persuasive speech to be delivered to my Year 11 English teacher, Ms Gallagher, and my peers at MLC, as I felt that raising awareness of this topic could lead to prevention. Knowledge is the key to making a change. My ultimate aim is to expose the harsh realities of animal testing and inform the audience so they can make a better choice in their future purchases of cosmetic products. I thoughtfully structured my speech with the aim of having the greatest impact. I opened with a personal account trying to describe my emotions and…show more content…
nor, Can they talk? but Can they suffer?" The use of appeal in the speech evokes guilt, shame and fear for the audience. It triggers an emotional response as the audience begins to feel included with ‘we’. This inclusive language makes the audience think that as a whole they can prevent animal cosmetic testing. Imagery helped illustrate animal testing by visually describing a makeup store , “The myriad of colours, the sparkle of textures and tones, the rainbows of different hues, the burning, bright lights and shining mirrors, the delicious scents of freshly sprayed samples of perfume”. I chose these arguments because they are the most powerful. Upon researching and reading many articles, the strongest and most confronting points were selected to produce the most effective speech on animal testing. By including a variety of types of evidence, such as statistics, facts, research, and quotes I can appeal to a wider range of audience members. This evidence reiterates the fact that animals have no say in what happens to them. Essentially, my aim is to present in a persuasive
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