Animal Testing Persuasive Speech

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glish Speech In the year 2000, over 2 million animals were used for animal testing in the UK. Animals used from all over for animal testing that ranges from drugs to our simple everyday shampoo. In the last decade, cosmetic animal testing on innocent animals has become popular practice – and I am talking about how wrong and inhuman this act is. The public doesn 't know about the seriousness controversial topic, which I am certain of knowing is wrong. We shouldn’t silent such a topic, because of fears of upsetting people who affected – yet they should know what they are applying to their face is being used to torture innocent animals. One type of testing – and arguably, one of the worst – is Draize tests. This involves taking a young rabbit and trapping hundreds in confined stocks together. Then, taking a rabbit, clipping its eyelids to prevent their bodies instinct to repel the toxic chemicals by blinking, and shaving their stomachs. Toxic chemicals are then poured and smeared in the rabbit’s eyes and monitored to check how toxic it is. These animals are not offered any anaesthetics like a human would in any situation that may cause minor pain, and left to die from pain or be put down from their suffering. A study into Draize testing concluded that it “does not show the eye irritation hazard for man.” So, why do companies use it? Cosmetic companies can use scientific machinery and testing, that are more accurate than torturing animals senselessly. However, the reason
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