Animal Testing Persuasive Speech

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Argument Speech
Attention Getter: Would you believe me if I told you that up to 200,000 animals are killed each year for cosmetic testing, according to Ian Murnaghan dated April 5, 2017?
(Connect Topic to Audience) Please raise your hand if you have a pet (pause), so quite a few of you do.
I bet some of these pets include cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, or fish.
You may not know that all of these animals are commonly used for cosmetic animal testing.
Your pets could have been one the unfortunate animals who die each year because of this unnecessary act.
(Credibility Statement) After extensive research on cosmetic animal testing, I am now more aware of the harsh treatment many animals receive for a “not so important” reason.
Thesis: Cosmetic testing on animals should be prohibited because it is harmful to animals, it is unnecessary, and it is not completely reliable.
I will begin with telling you how cosmetic testing on animals causes the animals to receive harsh treatment.
Animals are often bred and kept in captivity solely for the purpose of animal testing.
The test animals spend their entire lives in cages without the ability to move freely.
The test animals live in poor conditions, often times not receiving proper food or medical care. B. Animals are kept for the sole purpose of peforming tests on them, and this usually involves exposing them to an ingredient to see if a negative reaction occurs.
Think about Manny the mouse who lives in a lab.
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