Animal Testing Report

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1.0 Introduction
1.1Background of the issue

This report is written to study the effects of animal testing on the cosmetic products among the developing countries as there are issues which happened to cause government and non-governmental organisations as well as the societies around the world to analyse the relationship between the two.

Animal testing is an experiment that is carried out on the animals to ensure the safety and effectiveness of certain medications or cosmetics. In 1930, ‘Lash Lure’, a mascara which is a type of cosmetic product that contains a chemical that could burn the skin has caused more than a dozen women to go blind. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act was passed in 1938 prompted by requiring safety testing of
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1.2 Objectives of the research

There are three objectives to this report with the first being to explore positive effects of the animal testing on cosmetic products. The second objective of this report is to explore the negative effects of the animal testing on cosmetic products. Lastly, the third objective is to evaluate the alternative solution in solving and minimize the negative effects of the animal testing on cosmetic products.

1.3 Scope of Research

The topic of animal testing and its impact has multiple facets such as medication, education, culture, chemicals and many more. This report will focus on the impact of animal testing on cosmetic products in developing countries. It must be noted that this report only covers on an animal that is not protected by the Animal Welfare Act. The main focus of this report is to study the benefits as well as the damage animal testing has brought to the
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Animal testing on cosmetic products has its disadvantages, as it is inhumane, inaccurate and cruel. Besides that, animal testing has flaws and it requires lots of animals to conduct an experiment.
The animal testing is inhumane, inaccurate and cruel as the animals suffer tortures and painful procedure during the experiments. In order to get the best result of certain drugs or cosmetic products, animals have to suffer all kind of tortures and painful procedures. Most of the animal died after the experiment due to the harm to their body. The animals are used to test the allergic reaction, skin irritation, cancer which will cause them to suffer painful consequences. According to Scientific American (2009), a certain amount of substances will be applied under the animals’ eyes or skin for weeks and effect of irritation is observed. For the skin test, animals are required to shave their fur, layers of skin are removed and then apply the test substances on them. Based on National Anti-Vivisection Society (cited in Scientific American 2009), these procedures will cause the animals have intense burning, pain, bleeding, and itching. Moreover, animals are innocent and there is no law that restricts the uses of animals in testing the drugs or cosmetics. Most of the animals
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