Animal Testing Research Paper

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Standing Up for Those Who without a Voice
Imagine feeling helpless and being exploited by other people, with no voice or control over oneself. Imagine having no rights or protection under the law. This is the life of most animals in animal testing. Animal testing is the use of live animals, excluding humans, in experiments for scientific research. These experiments generally cause the animals pain, distress, harm, and suffering. Furthermore, scientists usually kill the animals after the experiment. Examples of animal testing include forcing dangerous substances into animals’ bodies, exposing animals to radiation, and putting animals in stressful or frightening situations (Cruelty Free International). Many animals in scientific research are subject to unnecessary suffering and horrid conditions because the law does not protect them. Regulation for animal testing in the U.S. needs to be strengthened because the Animal Welfare Act is inadequate, thus allowing for unnecessary suffering for laboratory animals.
The majority of animals used in animal experimentation are not protected by the Animal Welfare Act, which allows laboratories to exploit these animals. For example, under the Animal Welfare Act, mice, rats, birds, and cold-blooded animals bred for use in research, testing, teaching, and experimentation (United States, Congress). However, these types of animals account for 95% of the animals used in animal testing. This means that Animal Welfare Act has almost no kind of

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