Animal Testing Rhetorical Analysis

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Within Holder’s speech there were instances of multiple fallacies. One specific fallacy is the generalizations Holder makes in his speech, much like the ones that were used for deductive reasoning. These generalizations were often subjective and not backed up with evidence, which leads to hasty generalizations. Holder states that those who are against animal testing are mainly youth, which infers that all youth are against animal testing. However, it is not just youth who are against animal testing and not all youth are not against animal testing. That inference results in a hasty generalization and results in a fallacy within the speech, which can work in persuading some, but can also turn off a certain audience. In that case, that fallacy…show more content…
There was strong evidence and logical reasoning when discussing the benefits of animal testing. However, there is room for improvement. The logos within the speech was great, but there could be more pathos. Discussing the people that animal testing provided cures for in more detail would help the audience grasp a more emotional benefit of animal testing. Secondly, Holder could improve his argument with less hasty generalizations. Indicating that youth are the sole opposition to animal testing and that they are somehow hypocritical for their criticism of animal testing wouldn’t fare well with a younger audience. Lastly, the final area that could use improvement is the overall structure of the speech. It was hard to follow, and if the speaker could make clear points it would improve the speech and make it easier to understand the overlying theme. To conclude, a persuasive speech can utilize many different concepts including persuasive concepts, verbal and nonverbal, as well as overall effectiveness. Within this speech, there were many instances that were persuasive and others that weren’t. The speaker’s structure within the speech could improve, but overall the passion and evidence were strong. To sum it up, if there is substantial evidence and it’s presented in impassioned way, it increases the effectiveness of the speech and allows the audience to see the speaker’s

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