Animal Testing Should Be Banned Essay

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Animal Testing Should Not Be Permitted Every minute, 219 animals are abused in labs in the United States alone, tortured and left to die (Pledge). Therefore, animals testing should be forbidden all over the world, no matter what. Animals have the right to be treated as well as humans because they can feel pain. They are living creatures as well. In addition, animal testing tends to fail and be inaccurate to the point where it is needless to test on animals. (Nine). Yet, the government has not made any strict laws about animal testing in the United States of America (Wischover). It should still be forbidden for every nation around the world. Animal testing should be prohibited everywhere around the world. This is because not all products that work successfully on animals work on humans (Nine). It is very cruel to animals to test these products on them and have their sacrifice be in vain. In the United States of America, animals are allowed to be burned, drowned, isolated poisoned, starved, electroshocked, subjected to addictive drugs, as well as have…show more content…
For example, six men took a drug known as TG 1412 in a clinical trial in Northwick Park Hospital in London. Within 2 hours, the men had life-threatening side effects like organ failure and brain swelling. The same drug was given to monkeys 500 times the amount, still, the monkey showed no negative side effects, and the drug was, therefore, safe according to the tests on the monkeys. Another example is in 2004, a drug called Vioxx had to be taken out of sale because 88,000 - 140,000 people suffered heart attacks from this drug, even though during the animal tests the drugs were not only safe but worked very well on animals. They had very positive test results. These were some examples that prove animal testing is not accurate, and that there is no point in having animal tests because of the inaccuracy in the results, and the bad effects to humans
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