Animal Testing Should Be Banned

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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. Beauty comes with a price, and the price is the inhumane and brutal treatment animals undergo, for the sake of people to look and feel their best. Envision your pet dog or cat, locked up in a cage with shaved off skin and injected eyes, not knowing what to do or how to escape, living the rest of your life in a laboratory, feeling miserable. What would be the reason to all of this? Cosmetic animal testing, and the vicious treatment animals fall victim to. Being someone who has huge interest in cosmetics and applies it on a daily basis, one would want to know how makeup is created, and the process it goes through to reach one’s dresser. Throughout the process, cosmetic animal testing is a main aspect of it, which is appalling. Why should cosmetic testing be banned? It should be banned because animals go through a terrible procedure when undergoing this process, as it is inhumane , the drugs that get injected in the animals are harmful in many ways , cosmetic testing on animals in the United States is very costly and there are alternatives for cosmetic testing on animals, as it is no longer necessary. The current methods for cosmetic testing on animals should be banned.

“Imagine spending your entire life as a hospital patient or prisoner, and this will only begin to approximate the life of an animal in a laboratory” (Bentham, 2015, para.1). Cosmetic testing on

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