Animal Testing Should Be Banned?

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Burns, dehydration, deprivation of food, seizures, and death. These are some of the things that millions of animals go through while they are being tested. And for what? Seven thousand, three hundred seventy animals suffer from animal testing for scientific and commercial testing. We should stand up for the rights of these animals since they clearly cannot stand up for themselves. Despite the fact that animal testing can prevent human skin irritation for cosmetics, and possibly cure human diseases, there are a lot of flaws of this method - especially when testing cosmetics - because they don’t always work. Therefore, animal testing should be banned because animals are being tortured, there are better ways to test commercial products with more reliable outcomes and lastly, because it is cruel and inhumane. Animals have been around for much longer than humans have. They play an important role in human life today as well. So why is it okay to harm and kill these innocent creatures? Animal testing should be banned because animals are being tortured and abused while they are being tested. According to “Should Animals be Used For Scientific or Commercial Testing?” , from, “… animals used in experiments are commonly subjected to force feeding, forced inhalation, food and water deprivation, prolonged periods of physical restrain, the infliction of burns and other wounds…” and “ … neck breaking, decapitation, or other means.” These quotes show that animals are being

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