Banning Animal Testing

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Should Animal Testing for Medication Be Banned?

Animal testing is an experiment which is carried out on animals or simply using animal as experimental object. It is sometimes referred as animal research or animal experimentation. Animal testing is used to assess the safety and effectiveness of everything from medication to cosmetics, as well as understanding how the human body works. This kind of experiment has been conducted long time ago by some scientists such as Aristoteles, Herophilus, and Erasistratus which performed the experiments to discover the functions of living organisms and is used until now. Chimpanzees, mice, dogs, and fish are some animals which is frequently used in the experiment. Many of this experiments (which was conducted
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Some might say that this is not true because there is a new testing methods that can replace the animal testing. In vitro (in glass) testing which allows us to study cell cultures in a petri dish is believed by opponents of animal testing will produce more relevant results than animal testing because human cells can be used. In the other hand, we have to remember that cell is the smallest unit in our body. Our body consists of so many organs which work as a system and is inseparable. If we want to examine whether a new medicine will work or not, the experiment should be done in the system that represents the whole human body not only just the cell. The new testing method does not provide the opportunity to study interrelated processes occurring in the central nervous system, endocrine system, and immune system. But, animal testing can provide it all. California Biomedical Research Association states that “chimpanzees share more that 99% of DNA with humans and mice share more than 98% DNA with humans, therefore, animals are susceptible to many of the same health problems as humans.” All mammals, including humans, are quite similar with the same set of organs such as heart, kidneys, and lungs which work more or less the same way. So, if we want to examine a new medicine and its effect on our body, animals are the most appropriate choice because animals and humans are so biologically similar. Therefore, I believe that

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