Cosmetic Animal Testing Research Paper

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Once said by Ricky Gervais, “Warning: Wearing make-up that was tested by torturing a beautiful, innocent creature makes the world an uglier place.” Cosmetic animal testing has been around for close to 80 years due to safety regulations that were implied by government. If these were really safety regulations, wouldn’t someone think that it is not safe to test on animals? Animals are animals whereas humans are humans. Using rats, dogs, or rabbits as testing subjects for mascara, perfume, shampoo, etc. is not humane at all. There are many cosmetic brands that still sell products that are the output of the harm of innocent animals. To stop the destruction of the beautiful lives, cosmetic animal testing should be stopped because it does not give…show more content…
As Natacha Cole says, “ Many cosmetic companies test their new products and ingredients by forcing rabbits, hamsters, and mice, among others, to endure horrific practices such as breathing in poisonous fumes or having lethal chemicals poured into their eyes and rubbed into their skin,” and she tells later that the animal abuse is way outdated and should be changed to a more reliable source that was a scientific advancement like “artificial tissue testing” and “test tube testing”. In fact, the usage of animal testing has hindered the growth of scientific knowledge about chemicals and ingredients in the cosmetic industry as well as the tests are very expensive and also take longer than other methods. (Mone) The diversity between rats and humans also makes it way harder to understand why scientists actually believe these tests work. In “New Models in Cosmetics Replacing Animal Testing,” Gregory Mone tells that, “The significant physiological differences between humans and the mice, rats, and other animals used to evaluate the safety of chemicals also can limit the validity of the results,” which shows that testing on these animals is not absolutely necessary or dated for today. There is also computer modeling programs that can be used for testing. Of course there are some issues with them because they can not offer full body reactions and scientists can only enter information based on assumptions. (Sun) Many…show more content…
Shany Sun talks about how most vaccines and drugs are here because of testing on animals. The most famous case is the one where Charles Chamberland forgot to inject sick chickens with a bacteria for cholera and used the month old injections which made the chickens feel better quicker. This gave the world the vaccine to cholera and anthrax. Penicillin, blood transfusions, insulin, etc. was discovered through animal testing. (Sun) In Sun’s article, “The Truth Behind Animal Testing” she gives that, “According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, animal testing has helped increase human life by 23.5 years,” which is insanely longer. Without animal testing, people all around the world would be passing away at the age of 70 or 80, but now due to all the innocent lives that have been lost, there are more years for animals to be
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