Argument Against Animal Testing

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Animal testing has been around for more than a century and millions, probably billions of animals have suffer through the pain. Animals all over the world are living their whole lives in loneliness, darkness, and pain. Animal testing has been used for ages to test drugs and cosmetic products, but it hasn’t always been effective. Animal testing may also lead to researchers believing that dangerous substances are safe for human use. People still support animal testing even through there are other better ways to test cosmetics and drugs that don’t hurt any living being. Animal testing is unethical to the animals and isn’t as effective as other materials we have access to.
Animal testing brings millions of animals a world of pain. It’s cruel and unethical to sentence millions of living and breathing animals to a life of torture and pain. And according to a Listland article, animals used for animal testing aren’t even protected by the animal welfare act, a act that protects research animals from harm. The animals that have to go through being burned, choked, and drowned half to death aren’t even given any pain medication to reduce the pain. Even if the animals are protected from the animal welfare act, breaches are distressingly common. Sometimes the animals are infected with a disease and are allowed to progress too far on purpose before the animal is euthanized humanely. And according to a PETA article, millions of …show more content…

Animal testing doesn’t have animal welfare, so most of the subjects are in immeasurable pain. And animal testing is a more expensive and less effective way of testing products. The world doesn’t need another lipstick or eyeliner. So why do people still use this method? Animal testing is also more expensive and less effective than other methods that scientists have developed. In the end, animal testing is cruel, inhumane, uneffective, and not

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