Animal Testing Unnecessary

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Animal testing is used among many companies all over the world. Is it useful, appreciable, successful? Animal testing should be banned because it is cruel, has a poor success rate, and is unnecessary. Many think otherwise, such as that animal testing is helpful with curing diseases, but over all the time and trials there’s too much harm caused to too many animals. First of all, animal testing is cruel. According to April Klazema-blogger-animals can be force-fed, physically restrained against their will, and deprived of food and water. Also many of the animals used in testing, the welfare act does not protect them.(Klazema) An estimated 90 million animals are killed worldwide for testing each year.(Medicinal Animal Experimentation:Pointless…show more content…
Animals shouldn’t die from tests. For example, windex. You’d would think that Windex would be tested just on windows and not animals, but it has been tested on animals just in case is it touches skin. They should know from the ingredients and science if it’s bad for people 's skin. And 21 century science would be more trustworthy from all the years and money on improving it. Some alternatives to animal testing are doing vitro testing(In Testing | Alternatives to Animal Testing and Research), genetic testing, microdosing-humans receiving small doses of drugs-, MRI and CT scans, etc.(In Testing | Alternatives to Animal Testing and Research) Others have thought otherwise because it has created some great medical breakthroughs. Such views are misguided because so many animals are harmed horribly and there are so many more ways that we could find cures Animal testing is cruel, unnecessary and should be banned. Sure, there are some diseases that get cured, but in the five years of testing, millions of animals die. There are scientific ways we should be able to find cures with from all the years and money spent on improving science. Yes, it has helped find cures for other diseases, but there are way too many other ways to do it without harm to anybody or anything. This is important to notice by reason of many animals are killed and tortured for unnecessary reasons. Start making a difference by using non animal tested
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