Animal Testing Vs Cosmetics

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In the United States alone, more than one million animals die every year from chemical, drug, or cosmetic testing. Is our vanity really worth the inhumane suffering of millions of animals around world? Just like my photo of monkeys being restrained and forced to participate in unjust testing? Animal testing in cosmetics should be discontinued because animals ' lives are being wasted, animals will not always have the same reactions as humans, and there are so many other alternatives that are more beneficial than testing on animals. However, there is an abundance of animal testing happening today that only leads to the high demand of animal lives. Inside the laboratory, many animals are bred and kept alive solely for animal experimentation,…show more content…
My photo of the wounded bunny is a great example of this scenario because a vast amount of bunnies are used to test the same product and yet all of them come out with different effects. The Journal of the American Medical Association even stated that “poor replication of even high-quality animal studies should be expected by those who conduct clinical research.” Consequently, inadequate test results do not guarantee consumer safety, which is why animal testing in cosmetics is deemed unnecessary. The Food and Drug Administration doesn’t even require animal tests to prove that a cosmetic is safe. There is a plethora of alternatives to animal testing that has been proven safe and dependable for years. Bath and Body Works, Urban Decay, and Victoria 's Secret are examples of companies who don’t use animal experimentation in their cosmetic products. It 's possible for these name brand companies to continue to produce makeup and earn lots of money without the need of animal experimentation because of all the sophisticate technologies available today. One of the very effective alternatives to animal testing is artificial human skin that can be grown in test tubes. This product is sold by many businesses and is proven to produce results that are easier to understand and more dependable. Additionally, this…show more content…
It’s merciless to breed and cultivate millions animals for experimentation only to throw them away afterwards, especially when the information gathered from those experiments can be profoundly inaccurate and a waste of resources. The NIH, a government granting agency, used about $30 billion in 2012 to fund for research and development that included animal testing. Animal experimentation can be avoided in total with the sophisticated alternative and technologies that are available today. Since there are a profusion of alternatives to avoid the inhumane use of animal testing, animal testing in cosmetics should be prohibited entirely. In the long run, if cosmetic products cannot be labeled safe through animal testing, then there is no feasible reason to continue with the horrendous
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