Animal Veterinarian Personal Statement

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At a young age, we are all asked the same unfathomable question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” A princess, a pilot, or a police officer are the conventional conceived replies. However, in my case, I knew from the beginning I wanted to be a veterinarian. Not only did I extrapolate this from my passion for animals but also my desire to lend a helping hand to people too . Of course, I did not know where my dreams would come true nor the full impact I wished to make on this world, but I know now that Colorado State University is the preeminent place to turn my seemingly insurmountable dreams into reality.
My motivation for pursuing such as career began the moment I came in contact with my first pet. She was a twelve year old queen
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I believe this course of study is best for me as it gives me better experience and understanding of the animals and agricultural industry I will be working in. As a major in Animal Science I will not only be exposed to animal care and management but also the animal agricultural industry as a whole. As I mainly wish to become a large animal veterinarian, this experience better prepares me for the environment and people I will be working in. This alone gives me an advantage as I will be comfortable, confident, knowledgeable, and companionable while I am working. Equally as important, I am also better accustomed and better fit for Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Bio-medical Sciences to earn my Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. This alone is the key factor in turning my dreams into reality and I believe Fort Collins is the best atmosphere for me to grow and flourish in. Sure, there are plenty of other schools to attend for veterinary medicine but none of them offer the same distinct and unique sense of community, growth, and passion Fort Collins has to offer. A sense of community I am immensely eager to take part in and give back
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