Animalism In Animal Farm

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Ever thought how a utopian world turns into a dystopian world? The novella Animal Farm was written by George Orwell, the author of Nineteen Eighty-Four. Mr. Jonas, the owner of the Manor Farm comes into the farm drunk and knocks things down unto the animals when he fell asleep the animals gathered to listen to Old Major’s speech. He brings up how the animals were always producing things for humans and after that they were slaughtered. The animals said that the humans did not do anything in return as a form of gratification for the animals. A few days after the meeting, Old major passed, and three new pigs came to take his place, Napoleon, Snowball, and Squealer. The three pigs kicked out Mr. Jonas along with his family, and they took over the farm. The animals converted “Manor Farm” into “Animal Farm”. They created something called Animalism. The principles of Animalism were known as the Seven Commandments. For a couple of months, the farm animals worked assiduously to complete their daily tasks; every Sunday the animals would sing “ Beasts of England” and raise their flag for a ceremony. On the flag was a hoof and a horn which represented the future Republic of the animals. The pigs shorten the commandments to “Four legs good, two legs bad”. It was during late Autumn when Mr. Jonas came back to the farm, he brought a few people with him so that they could fight the animals. After Napoleon kicked Snowball out of the farm, the animals started to build a windmill: sometime in
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