Animals And Wild Animals: The Interaction Between Humans And Wild Animals

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There are different strata of living organism: animals, humans, plants and insects. Even though all these divisions are crudely divided into separate categories, it is essential to note that they do no exist independently. There is intricate interaction between all the organisms and the one dialogue that this paper will focus on is between humans and wild animals. Various institutions mediate this conversation, but the ones that directly affect it are: the state, markets and local communities. The aforementioned conversation on conservation is very convoluted and elaborate; it has had long-drawn discussions and has had some of the world’s greatest minds working on it. However, since the issue is so crucial it has not been possible to develop a module that can work in all the places. Hence, it is important to assess individual cases and analyse how the institutions have dealt with varying human-animal relationships. The first institution that has altered human-animal relationships is the market. Market comes in various forms; there are wildlife parks, animal farms, trade of animals and animal goods. Markets work on the laws of profit and loss. It assigns monetary value to animals, consequently reducing an animal to a number. Many people believe this makes the trade convenient but some people oppose it on ethical basis. Even though markets are far from ideal, they do have some advantages. Markets may work best when there is a ‘problem of commons’. This problem was

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