Should Animals Be Used For Entertainment

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A 30-year girl got a new job at the circus. She had all of these cool animals to do tricks with. One day the girl had to make a tiger jump through the hoop that is on fire. The tiger was scared to jump, so she tased it so it would jump and it was laying on the floor on the other side of the hoop. Then she realizes it was knocked out from all of the tasing. As a young girl I love animals, and to see them get hurt, that's just sad people do that for a living. I want to find a solution to help these animals don't get hurt. People should find a solution that can help the animals be free, healthy, and not get hurt from being used for entertainment.
When I was researching my topic, I wanted to find some cool information. How many animals are dying because they are being used for entertainment each year? Are there any solutions to help the animals? Why do people want this for their job? Overall the research that I did was saying that there are ways to help these animals from being used for entertainment. I have researched
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This problem affects everyone not just their animals. It affects everyone because if we keep using their animals for entertainment and killing them because they did not make enough money then there will be no meat for people to eat. People should try to make it illegal at least some states, that will help with the longer life for an animal. It will also help because the animals at the zoo don't get that much love or help from their zookeepers. If we release them into the wild then it will live a normal life as an animal. This a problem everyone wants to solve. If you have a pet and you love it to death then we can use your help to help all of the animals in the zoo or in the circus be free in there wild where they are supposed to be. The animals will live together hunt together and love each other out in the wild as they do as a
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