Animals In Entertainment Rhetorical Analysis

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Did you know that killer whale kill three people at Sea World? In the video “Should Animals Be Used for Entertainment” and articles “Jump to It” and “The Use of Animals in Entertainment” They both use the rhetorical appeal pathos but also has similarities and differences. The sources are similar because they used the rhetorical appeal of pathos,in the article “The Use of Animals in Entertainment” The author wrote “ These animals include animals that are held and perform tricks in zoo’s shows and circuses, animals that are used as photographic prop tourist and animals used in television and films.” This shows that the people work at zoo’s are putting animals in danger and that the are held as prisoner or forced to be their. For example, “In many cases, the process of obtaining and using animals for entertainment comprises their welfare, depicts them in a humiliating way and could be damaging for entertainment for the conservation of wildlife.” This states that when you take a animals and use it for entertainment that means you are destroying how it asks and eat around you then when they are in their environment. In the video some similarities, for instance “A day after 12,000 lb.…show more content…
In “Jump to It” their are ethos (expert testimony) and in “The Use of Animals Be Used as Entertainment?” This shows that “One of the biggest contests are held in Calaveras County, California, the setting of Twain’s story. We’ll jumping frogs about 4,000 times, about a thousand days,” says Laurie Giannini, an organizer of the Calaveras County event. The author wrote “ Getting a frog airborne is a very individual thing. Everybody has their own method,” says Marsh Karley with the Fair Oak Fiesta Frog Jumping in Fair Oaks, California. In the article “The Use of Animals in Entertainment “ didn’t have opinion that they accomplished that they overcame or
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