Animals In Leslie Silko's Ceremony

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Animals in native American culture have a much greater meaning than just their physical being. Each animal in their stories in on this earth for a specific reason that is all for the betterment of each and every living being. Animals in this culture are very prominent because many natives are named after and animal and are given a spirit animal that will watch over them for their entire journey. This animal has the same traits that they do which mean that they are even more connected to each other. However in Ceremony by Leslie Silko, the main character Tayo isn't given or it is unknown of this animal this possibly because Tayo is considered a “half-blood”. Even he does not have an animal that looks over him animals like the fly who is perceived as a bad thing. Another animal who most of the story revolves around is the spotted cattle who show Tayos struggle with trapped, and finally, the mountain who is seen in only a couple of passages gives new light on Tayos struggle with the white man. Each of these animals big…show more content…
His own journey ended this speculation that he, in fact, is a true Native American more than emo and his friends, more than anyone who calls themselves pure. This discovery might have happened over a long period of time with small individual connections to animals and people that might have seemed insignificant. But each of these animals; the fly, the cattle and the mountain lion, all exposed Tayo to see his own struggles that he is having. And in order for one in any situation face their problems head on, one must know them first, one must know what directly causes them to happen. This is exactly what does on his journey of self-opening, even though it is not planned he was able to see these struggles in each and every animal and living being. This allows for Tayo, in the end, to be completely self-aware of everything that revolves the
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