Animals In The Animal Kingdom

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Once upon a time , in the animal kingdom, there lived different animals in peace and harmony. The mountains had been a place of reconciliation after any rainy day. There was no hate or despair whatsoever. The birds had all been in unity helping the other animals that couldn’t fly like themselves. The eagle being the king of the birds had a friend whom he had loved so much above other animals, that friend was Kimnar, the last heir of the King Lion. King Lion's palace in the forest had been the most magnificent far above every other king that had lived in the animal world. His throne was made of timber which had twelve stairs downward and on both sides of the stairs stood two giraffes having cups of wine juice always resting on their…show more content…
The second heir was Tolba, he was the strongest animal that lived in the animal Kingdom and he was feared and respected by all and sundry in the kingdom. His mane was measured every year and was used to make strong materials for the animals, after a few weeks, it grows back to huge quantity. The last heir of King Lion was Kimnar, the eagle’s most cherished friend. Kimnar played a lot with other animals not minding he was from the royal family. He was loved by all especially his cousin, the…show more content…
It was a kingdom void of discrimination or disagreement. After the rain on a bright day, the animals gathered at the mountain for purification which they called Reconciliation Era.

CHAPTER TWO The night was still young, the animals had gone to sleep already, the stairs glittered gloriously like they smiled at the sky, the trees waved from one end to the other making the leaves fall gently upon the soil. The movement of the sea was as though it danced to the tune of the wind, the night felt cool with nature playing its role. Upon a rock was King Lion, watchful, gazing around his powerful kingdom. King Lion paved round and round, from one tree to another, then from one river to another. He was old but still had a very bright eyes and the strength of a vibrant youth. “You are not sleeping my King” the chameleon said moving to where the King stood. “I am old” the King said resting on the giant feet of a rock. King Lion watched the sea sway at a distance in the night, the moon had never ceased to give them

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