Zoo Manager Case Study

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Dear, Zoo Manager I oppose to animals being in zoos because if they were ever released they wouldn’t have the knowledge to hunt or get food for their cubs. Zoos just isolate animals in little exhibits and don’t treat animals fairly keeping them from their natural habitat. James Nolen said “Animals have a right to be free not stuck in cages being used for entertainment.”. Therefore, what he is referring to is that animals should not be used for any sorts of entertainment to amuse humans. They are just suffering and us humans don’t understand how training them to do things like that; it is difficult for them to learn those curtain moves. Also, James Nolen said “If there is a natural disaster they couldn’t get all the animals out in time.”. All…show more content…
They could get lonely and bored and do something to get out and hurt innocent bystanders they could get out of control just because you and your workers are keeping them from being in a place that has their natural surroundings. About the training don’t you think you should end that because if they get overwhelmed they could hurt your workers and that would lead to bad publicity for your zoo. Sindee C. said “Captive animals are deprived of everything that is natural and important to them, and as a result, they become bored and lonely and many even suffer from a condition called “zoochosis.” that’s bad for an animal to have that, and they don’t have medicine at the moment to help that condition. It is worse if the mama of the babies in this environment and live in a way what they don’t know anything they need to know if you let them go back into their natural habitat. The zoo feeds the animals you already have and feed them to natural predators, that’s wrong killing one of your own animals just to feed the big predators. They don’t know why you took them into the zoo they don’t even know why they were taking them into the zoo. Some zoos in your area don’t even have real kind of animals they just paint it on to make it look like the animal. That’s not fair to the animal or to the kid and the kids

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