Animals Should Not Be In Zoos

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Dear, Zoo Manager I oppose to animals being in zoos because if they were ever released they wouldn’t have the knowledge to hunt or get food for their cubs. Zoos just isolate animals in little exhibits and don’t treat animals fairly keeping them from their natural habitat. James Nolen said “Animals have a right to be free not stuck in cages being used for entertainment.”. Therefore, what he is referring to is that animals should not be used for any sorts of entertainment to amuse humans. They are just suffering and us humans don’t understand how training them to do things like that; it is difficult for them to learn those curtain moves. Also, James Nolen said “If there is a natural disaster they couldn’t get all the animals out in time.”. All…show more content…
It’s not all for the amusement of humans it is also for taking care of the animal making sure it has the right exercise. We do provide sufficient space for the animals. There is enough space for them to run and adventure. David Home said “Animals will not threat from the stress of being killed by a predator.” What this is saying is they don’t have to worry about if there babies are going to a predator's lunch they are safe in their own exhibit.. Finally, the workers and I do our best to get all the animals safe out of their places where they are located into shelter to save them from all the disasters. Sincerely, Zoo Manager

Dear, Zoo Manager
I see what you are saying but, some animals risk their lives trying to escape the zoo imprisonment and the animals do not deserve to risk their life for just trying to get out. They could get lonely and bored and do something to get out and hurt innocent bystanders they could get out of control just because you and your workers are keeping them from being in a place that has their natural surroundings. About the training don’t you think you should end that because if they get overwhelmed they could hurt your workers and that would lead
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