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Chalk Animation. Chalk animation or ‘Chalk Talk’ or ‘Lightning Sketches’ was found by James Stuart Blackton. This style of animation was found when Blackton and his film partner Albert E. Smith when both of them worked out a film called ‘Trick Film’ in 1898. It makes them found that a peculiar illusion of movement can be created by stopping the camera. And then they started to moves the object or alter/ modifying the drawing. And then started the camera again. By this discovery, they started another film called ‘The Haunted Hotel’ in 1907 and it shows the successful of this technique. This technique have influence many animator such as animator that worked for Killarney Studios, Johannesburg, 1940 to an extent they trained Butch Stoltz…show more content…
This Renaissance Age of Animation started in 1993 when an animation which used stop motion animation style called ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ is showed to the world. This Tim Burton film is one of the films that till now stay in the highest level in animation world. And on top of that, even now, there a lot of people who still watch it and cherish this film. After than in 1994, the start of an animation called ReBoot from Mainframe Entertaiment follow the legacy. It been know as a fully computer animated cartoon produced.
90’s or 20th century is the starter of the new stage of animation. This era is when CGI or Computer Generated Imagery first been used. And also in another term, it called 3D animation. This league started with an animation called ‘Toy Story’ in which all the visual elements onscreen are created in 3D animation software and rendered. This project is under collaboration between Pixar and Disney. The born of this spectacular technology in animation where now still standing still and used worldwide is a hard work from John Lasseter who an animator that worked in Pixar as chief director. He is the one who created Toy Story that now written in history as the starter of Computer Generated Imagery and also
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It’s become as one of the most influential and commercial successful animation all the times. While in 1996, ‘Ghost in the Shell’ stated to manipulate Japanese animation world and once again about something that blow our minds. Which include machines, stealing people memories and implant new one into people. Animation that stands in the same time as that is called ‘James and the Giant Peach’ that comes from Allied Filmmakers/Tim Burton. Around this era, there also animation that stand high and recognized and mostly from Japan as this is the starting point for their animation world. It blows every TV in every house when animations such as ‘Sailor Moon’, ‘Dragon Ball’ and also ‘Pokemon’ began to air. This is an era in which worth to be called ‘The Renaissance Ages of Animation’ where the starting point of animation to grow bigger and huge is here. And this is the time when new technology created and also helped in other way. CGI and 3D have become popular and stated to be used in film making

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