Animest And The Halxy Analysis

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Animest West and the Halxy Once, there was a girl named Animest. Animest was eight years old. She had yellow, curly hair and five best friends. One day, there was a tornado. A halxy travelled through time in the tornado. He came from the time of the dinosaurs. He looked like a bunny, pig, and sheep. The halxy could jump high, so it would protect him and Animest. Animest jumped on the halxy so they could get away from the tornado. They went west. Animest found a dinosaur that had also come in the tornado, and everyone was scared. The halxy jumped so that the dinosaur couldn’t catch them, because Animest and the halxy were too high. Because the halxy saved Animest, Animest let the halxy come over to Animest’s home for supper. Even though the

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