Anisha Reid Autobiography

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Anisha Reid, a twenty-three year old, African American woman, born July 30, 1992 and raised up north in Trenton, New Jersey to Tina and Richard. The youngest of thirteen children. Graduated high school from Trenton Central High School in June 2010. Presently enrolled at the University of West Georgia to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.
I grew up in a household with one single parent. It was tough growing up raising seven children all on your own. Out of the seven only two graduated high school. My parents never finished school, so they weren’t the type to push us to attend to school. At one point of time I thought to myself since they didn’t show us that they cared. Then I shouldn’t take my education serious either. I felt that if they didn’t want better for me, why I should want it for myself? As I became older, I became of aware of living for myself and
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My last time seeing him was the summer before my sixth grade year. Those were the years I needed him most. Some things that my mother couldn’t teach me. He should have been there to fill in the gap. An eleven year old girl, growing up with anger in her heart for where she was yearning to be loved. I felt that he neglected me. My way of handling it was I became destructive in school and at home. After a few years of being troublesome. I didn’t feel anything different, I just felt angrier. One day as I sat down and talked with one of my aunts, she told me, “Some things happen for a reason.” I told myself that I wasn’t going to allow the absence of my father prevent me from getting father in life. Many always thought that I was just this angry little girl, but they never sat down and asked me why I felt so angry inside. Not having that male role model in a child’s life can lead them down the road to destruction. The strength that I have gained was to take the pain and use it as a lesson in life. I’ve came to reality that his actions did not have to direct my
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