Anita Adhikari Film Analysis

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Your Name: Gia Khuong Doan Response to: Anita Adhikari
1. Write the point of this paper in your own words below. How can the writer make this point clearer?
The point of the paper is to provide understanding as well as present opinions and arguments about the details about the film. The writer can make this point by supplying substantial evidences, seeing the issues that they present in-depth ad analyzing them.
2. What are the strongest aspects of this essay? What “really works”?
The strongest aspects of this essay are the ability of the writer to provide a lot of opinions and to show that she is relatable to the main character. The ability of understanding the movie, its character and giving your experience that is relatable to the characters of
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The purpose of the analysis is to provide your understanding of the film and its details as well as provision of opinions and arguments about the problems and scenes that the writer come across over the course of the film.
7. What aspects of the analyzed text does the writer discuss? Does the writer give equal space to each of these aspects? What could the writer do to make the discussion of the shorter items longer?
The writer mainly discusses her favorite scenes and tells her similar experiences to the events of “Precious”. Although she provided with some interesting movie scenes and stories, the writer failed in giving equal space to each aspect. The writer could divide the paragraph in order to show and identify the short items. She could submit more evidence and real life situations to shorter items to make them longer as well as lengthening each sentence with the use of transition words and short phrase.
8. Indicate where the writer has used jargon or words the public would not understand. Indicate where the writer has strayed into wordiness. How could he/she correct these problems?
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