Anita Desai Novel Analysis

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Anita Desai’s plots are not so much deliberate contrivances as natural and inevitable out-growth of the theme and perspective. As her forte is the psychic presentation of the individual human beings. The narrative is rightly allowed to move freely and not clogged by blocks and patterns artificially imposed from outside. In spite, there is a subtly or control in plot structure. The plot is always simple and neat enough so as not to impede the psychological revelation and it is always well defined enough to resent her vision clearly. Her plot structure, therefore, shows a splendid fusion of form and expression, contrivance and spontaneity. Anita Desai’s purpose as a writer is to see her women characters as humans with their weaknesses and…show more content…
We come to a conclusion after the close survey of her novels, that her novels are psychological dramas, surfacing an inner conflict through aesthetic objectivity. She has adopted a controlled method of stream of consciousness. In her novels of first twenty years of writing, Desai has used a uniform structural pattern with marked psychological novel. Meena Belliappa righlty says, “What is new in Anita Desai is the effort of delineate a sensitivity to locale; as it operates within the consciousness for her characters…. The nature of the central character is crucial to a fictional technique which places the centre of the novel with a single consciousness. The perceiver whose thoughts and feelings constitute the story, is also the instrument for registering the values of the objective world”. Indeed, life and art cannot be separated. Life provides the matter, that is, the reality of living, around which Anita Desai 's characters are woven. They are peculiar and eccentric. To accept life as it comes in routine is a sign of averageness, and Anita Desai refuses to see her creations in the light of mediocrity. That is why; her protagonists have defiant individuality. They fight against the
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