Anita Loughrey's Stopping Childhood Obesity

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Obesity has been a huge problem for most children in America. Every generation it becomes more of problem than what it was the generation before. Many children suffer with this problem today because of the life styles that they live. Children tend to lack as much exercise as they need because of the many distractions that they face every day. Most of the day kids are sitting around the house watching television, playing video games or on some type of new device that came out. Another reason why kids are overweight is because of the choices of food they choose to eat. Many families choose to go to fast food restaurants such as McDonalds or Burger King because the food is cheaper and quick then most healthy places. Also, parents tend to…show more content…
Loughrey’s book was more focused on how if there is an obese child in a family, then the whole family should work together to help motivate the child to lose the appropriate weight. Obesity usually runs in the family from either one side of the family or both. Children will usually look up to their parents on how they eat or how they are with the way they live. If a child watches how their parents react to a certain type of food the child will most likely feel the same way. Parents should consider eating more fruits and vegetables or healthier in general, so that way their children will start to do the same (Loughrey. 23). Ways to help their children would be to cook healthier meals and by buying non-junk food for after school snacks. Before buying nutritious food, parents should sit their children down and talk to them about what they want to do so they can help them lose weight, that way the child does not feel like they are being forced into something that they do not want to do (Loughrey. 22). Letting the child set their own weight goals will help them want to achieve it more than letting the parent set their goals. One problem children face at…show more content…
The obesity rates for children are increasing every year, but according to a national health organization, by 2020 they plan to have worked hard and have reduced the amount of obese children down to 16% (Green. 916). When trying to discuss losing weight, it should be brought up with a sensitive and caring way. Making the child feel bad about being overweight can cause them to have a psychological problem. When making a plan, you want to make sure that you have your child start right away, that way they are not procrastinating to start their weight lost plan (Loughrey. 24). Make sure that your child schedule’s out the type of physical Activity they receive, and make sure that they have less time sitting around in the house. A fun way to make sure that your child is walking more is to go out and buy them a pedometer so they can keep track of how many steps they make every day (Green. 919). School should recognize that physical education is very important for children at a young age. P.E. should have classes were the kids are doing more activities that help them get the right amount of exercise they need (Kahan.

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